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Leg Lengthening Shortening Surgery

The leg lengthening procedures have stirred a lot of controversy since it became popular in the 90s. This procedure is originally for treatment and correction of leg deformities due to accidents or congenital deformities. But now, it is also being used by people who have problems with their short stature to increase their height. It is now being used for aesthetic purposes and therefore, it is becoming more controversial.

The first method used for leg lengthening is called the Ilizarov method. This procedure usually includes cutting the long bone (either femur or tibia, your choice) through a surgery in which you will be sedated with a general anesthesia. The bone will be held apart by an external traction. The bone will heal itself in time, but before it heals completely, the traction will be adjusted to keep the bones further apart. The process is repeated until you reach the desired height you want. After that, the bone must heal completely. The traction will then be removed through another surgery under a general anesthesia. This procedure is done to remove the traction, screws and wire connected to your bone. A physical therapy will then follow to increase the strength of the bones. The surgery will include lots of pain and will last for a long time, a year or more. Some activities might also be avoided if the strength of the bones does not come back to normal. Permanent damages in the tissue or nerves are also possible. Scars due to the screws and wires that are attached to the bone from the external traction also cause scars.

The second method is the Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distraction or (ISKD). Basically the same principle is used in this method as to the first one. But ISKD is placed internally and the length of increase in height is determined before the ISKD device is placed inside the bone. Also, it does not have any screws or wires attached in the outside if the bone therefore lessening the possibility for infection or muscle and nerve damage. However, there may be some instances that the ISKD is not an option for you. If the bone is irregularly that the ISKD device cannot fit to it, then it is not an option. Also, while the ISKD device is inside you, you cannot undergo any MRI. The ISKD device has a magnet which is dangerous if it comes in contact with an MRI machine. Having a pacemaker in your heart can also make you illegible for an ISKD procedure, because, like I said, it has a magnet and a possibility that it attracts the pacemaker is overwhelming. The ISKD procedure will also be painful and will require you to have a device that aids in your walking. Once the increase in height is already achieved, the device will be removed once the bone has healed completely. A physical therapy is also advised to regain the strength of the bones.

To have a leg lengthening procedure is really not an easy choice but, it your choice and no one can force you to it. To go through such a grueling procedure will be for you to choose.   



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