Cosmetic Limb Lengthening Surgery
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Cosmetic Limb Lengthening Surgery

People suffering from dwarfism or the other irregularities of the bone in the limb are usually less confident and they become insecure of their height. People also tend to discriminate and look down on people with this kind f disability. This is indeed a very unfortunate dilemma for these people. But now, an orthopedic procedure is available to increase the height of the person by slowly increasing the length of the limb.

The person’s body has the ability to heal itself. This is also true for our bones. In cosmetic limb lengthening, the surgeon makes use of this ability by breaking the persons bone and putting a gap on it with the use of traction. The body’s ability to heal the bone is called osteogenesis. By the time the bone starts to heal again, the gap is also increased in a rate of one millimeter a day. This process is vey painful and may cause permanent damage on the persons nerves. The decision to undergo this type of surgery is definitely not an easy choice to make. People who have undergone this procedure say that it can be the most painful experience you can ever go through. And it is true because strong pain relievers are needed to reduce the pain, and sometimes, it is not even enough. Other than that, the cosmetic limb lengthening is not an impromptu procedure where pain will only last a day or two. The person will have to go through the pain in long lengths (it can last for a few months). The height added to your overall height will only be two to seven inches.

Not all patients who suffer dwarfism or irregularities of bone growth can avail to this kind of surgery. Patients are evaluated first because the surgery does not only include physical pain, but can also cause mental and psychological pain. Therefore, patients should be evaluated if they can handle this kind of trauma.

Patients who are willing to undergo in this kind of surgery has to be prepare to experience a lot of pain and also immobility for a length of time or until he or she has fully recovered. Crutches, wheelchair and other walking aids are also needed by the patients to help them move or navigate around if necessary. Patients should also undergo physical therapies. Meticulous wound care is also necessary to prevent infection of the wounds. Emotional and psychological support from family and friends are also needed so that the patient will be able to go through the process with a secure feeling of being loved.

The limb lengthening surgery has certainly stirred some issues. People ask if the increase in height is worth it for you to even consider the procedure. Some organizations are really against the procedure and one of this is the advocacy group called Little People of America.

Also, this surgery is not included in your health insurance. It is quiet expensive and the cost can amount to two hundred thousand US dollars. The expenses in the surgery and rehabilitation programs are already included in this estimate. But then again, it is only an estimate. The price can still exceed the amount said.



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